Solar Panels & Electric Vehicles

Solar Panels & Electric Vehicles

Electric cars and home solar systems: the perfect eco-tech marriage?

Synergy /ˈsinərjē/: When the interaction or cooperation of two forces produces a greater combined effect than the sum of their separate effects.

You’ve heard the word “synergy”. In our context it means: when technologies complement each other perfectly for the greater good of the consumer and the world. But rarely does synergy reveal itself in real life application the way solar charging for electric vehicles does.

How much solar power will it take to charge your electric car?

While you’ll save money on gasoline, charging your electric vehicle (EV) generally leads to higher utility bills. Switching to a renewable energy source, such as solar power, can help you reduce or eliminate your vehicle charging expenses over the long run.

Vehicle Requirements

Like gas-powered cars, electric vehicles are all unique. With a little digging you can figure out exactly how much electricity your car needs in order to get you from point A to point B. Your EV manufacturer’s guidelines are always recommended.

The Department of Energy website also provides information about the electric fuel economy of most electric vehicles.  Enter your model and year and it will tell you how many kilowatt hours (kWh) it takes to drive 100 miles. Calculate how many miles you drive each day and you’ll know how much electricity your car uses.

Driving habits and AC/DC

Another factor is how you use solar panels to charge your EV. You can choose charging equipment based on your habits. Most users choose one of the following types:

  • AC Level 1: One hour of 120 V charging equals 2 to 5 miles of driving
  • AC Level 2: One hour of 240 V charging lets you drive around 10 to 20 miles
  • DC Fast Charging: Charging for 20 minutes gets you about 50 to 70 miles of driving.

You may recognize these numbers from standard household wiring. But even if this is all new to you, just remember you have choices.

Can solar produce enough power to charge your EV?

The answer: an unequivocal yes. Home solar systems are as unique and eco-responsible as electric cars.  From roof mount and ground to panel efficiency and size, there are many choices depending on your energy needs and your property’s access to the sun’s rays.

Solar panels produce power measured in kilowatts (kW), per a given area measured in square feet.  The bigger the solar array the more energy you can generate,  A solar system’s kWh rating describes its ability ti create energy over time. Comparing this rating to your car’s kWh requirements will help determine the size and number of panes you will need.

It’s time to charge your electric car by solar

The cost of charging an electric car will raise your utility bill significantly. Now may be the time to seriously consider going solar. Taking control of rising energy costs is a lot easier when you boost your household energy supply with the sun’s abundant power. Why fill a gas tank when you can install a solar system for your home and use the sun for free?

The price of solar is the lowest it’s ever been, while solar panel efficiency is at its highest. The sweet spot you’ve been waiting for is here. And with budget-friendly financing that can suit practically any budget, cost is rarely an issue.

Know your solar options, professional advice can help

Each solar installation is different. Getting an expert opinion can help sort out the many options and prevent you from making a costly bad decision.  Solar professionals will survey your property, do the math and recommend systems that suit your space, charging needs and lifestyle.  Most importantly, they’ll make sure you maximize your solar investment – both financially and environmentally.

The synergy continues with Ocotillo Solar Electric, Panasonic and You.

Panasonic lithium-ion battery technology powers the worlds most advanced electric cars. Panasonic HIT® high efficiency solar panels are among the most efficient solar modules available today. As an authorized Panasonic Solar Installer working together with one of America’s most trusted brands, we’re here to support you through every phase of ownership.

With over 15 years of experience helping homeowners reduce their electricity bills the Ocotillo Solar Electric’s team loves helping electric vehicle enthusiasts and homeowners meet their green goals. We’ll guide you through the solar system sizing process and present you with the most economical options for your home. From there, you can make an educated decision and the smartest investment.

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