There are a few options that we recommend for financing your PV system: either purchase it outright or finance through a lender.

Ocotillo Solar Electric offers $0 Zero Down Interest-Only Loans for 16 months

Solar Loans are very typical because they can be easy to get in to and can also offer a number of other benefits in addition to the lending. Oftentimes, the amount of $ saved each month from your electricity bill is higher that the Loan payment which means savings can be had from Day 1. Once the loan is paid off, all of the energy produced by you Solar PV system is now Power You Own! Finding a lender you can trust can be hard sometimes, work with us to get the financed product that will work within your goals and provide the service you deserve.

Cash Purchase

The cheapest method to get a Solar PV system is to puchase your PV system. You see positive cash flow from Day 1 and can meet your Return on Investment within 6-8 years. The electricity you produce is your power and your power is held hostage to rising electricity rates.

While a few companies specialize in leasing PV systems around the US, these leasing packages rarely end up with you as the main benficiary. Controlling your costs over the next 30 years or you getting the best outcome financially is not the aim of these packages. Some can be hard to understand even if you have a financial background and are created to confuse you. In order for you to see the greatest returns on your investment and reduce how much you for electricity over the next 30 years as much as possible, you must purchase and own the PV system not lease it. It goes without saying, we don’t recommend Leasing a Solar system.