How Do I Get Started?

1. Gather your Electrical Usage*
In order to best design the perfect solar system for your home we require up to 12 months of your Electrical usage. A current copy of your Electric bill will work. If you dont have a current copy of your PNM Electric bill, you can visit PNM's webpage to download this information. Click on the link below and create a login if you don’t already have one.

PNM Account Login

2. Review your Site
- Shady locations dont allow the Solar system to maximize energy production, module placement in these areas should be avoided. Review you open roof or ground space for shading to determine the best location to install
- Review the location of your main electrical panel and any other electrical sub-panels
- Locate the main PNM meter on your property

3. Contact Ocotillo Solar Electric
Click the button above to send us your contact information, 12 months previous Electrical usage and any questions you may have.

* Yearly Electrical Usage - You can obtain a month-by-month electrical usage by creating an account online with PNM. Navigate to the correct section and print out a copy of the most recent 12 months electric usage history. This is an important document used to determine the size of a Solar PV system you will require to match your needs.

4. After we receive your information we will prepare a proposal and price estimate to install a Solar PV system on your home. Ocotillo Solar will schedule a site visit to present our proposal, review your electrical service, measure the proposed installation area and answer any questions you may have.

Contact Information:
Dominic Westeen