Money from the Sun

A Solar PV system allows you to save money from the first day it is turned on. If you install a pool in your back yard, you never ask yourself “When will it pay itself off?” We have to get over the idea that a solar system is just another household expense, but start to see it for what it is, an investment that comes with substantial benefits. A Solar Electric system will pay itself off in a very short time and will provide financial benefits for many years to come.

Combined with Federal and State Incentives, customers can see 400%+ and above 30 Year ROI for properly installed and maintained Solar PV systems. Yearly ROI can often times outperform the market, making it a sound short and long-term investment with all the fell good attributes that come with “Doing your Part” to clean up the only Earth we have.

Studies show that a premium price can be set for homes that have a Solar PV system installed. See link here to the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Study. Tools have been created to help appraise the value of the energy produced by the Solar electric system on your home for use by a Home Appraisal Professional in their appraisal of the property for sale.

These tools are intended to help better make sense of the equipment installed on homes and the help establish a $ value for the electricity produced. Click here to visit a Sandia Labs tool developed to appraise your PV system. All of these components work on your behalf to help you get the most out of your Investment.

36% Federal/State Tax Credit + High Electricity Rates + Solar = BIG Savings for YOU!!