Solar Advantages

Why Go Solar? One thing is for sure, your Electricity Bill will continue to go up. By how much? The Electric Co. will continue to make up excuses in order to charge you more for electricity. The only way to keep from having to pay exhorbitant charges is to produce your own electricity and take the power company out of the equation.

Solar is receiving a lot of attention these days and will continue to get more attention as it shakes up the old monopolistic energy model the power companies cling to with every fee and rate increase that is proposed.

By “Going Solar” you are also doing your part to combat climate change and secure your energy future. Below are only a few advantages you can receive when you install a solar system:

- Reduction in Monthly Utility Bill
- Doing Your Part to Reduce Climate Change
- Hedging against the future cost of electricity
- Prodution of “Green” Renewable Energy Credits