About Us

Ocotillo Solar Electric is a full-service residential solar company with over 15 years of experience in the installation and design of hundreds of solar PV systems. We are a locally owned and operated business determined to bring high quality, low cost solar installations and exemplary customer service to homeowners. With a long history in the solar industry, we are proud to bring our services to the citizens of New Mexico and the Southwest.

Dominic Westeen, Owner
Dabbling in all of the areas of the business, Dominic holds Ocotillo Solar Electric’s Contractor’s and Journeyman Electrician License to operate in New Mexico. Dominic’s experience ranges from the design and installation of over hundreds of Residential installations and also many large Commercial and Industrial sized PV projects across the nation and Central Texas.

With extensive experience in off-grid and battery back-up installations, Dominic has designed and installed a number of projects including the 2007 Solar Decathlon University of Texas at Austin - Bloom House that took part in the competition and produced all the energy needed for the entire multi-week contest without fail.

Dominic also holds a BBA from New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, and has been an advocate of Solar Energy since graduating from NMSU.

Why Choose Ocotillo Solar Electric?

Locally Owned

One of our mottos is “Think Globally, Shop Locally”. Knowing where the money you spend goes makes a difference and we spend it here where we live.
Out-of-Town contractors don’t share the same zip code as you and often times have a troublesome time responding to your service calls.
Ocotillo Solar is owned and operated out of Albuquerque NM, we are here when you need us.

Low Cost Installation

Offering some of the lowest prices in the SouthWest, Ocotillo Solar Electric is matching quality with low-cost.
Our Low Prices matched with great Federal and State Incentives of 40% and more, means that is has never been more affordable to own your Energy and save $$ for the next 50 years.
Please call or email and we can show what it feels like to get great service at a great price.

High Quality Products

Ocotillo Solar Electric is partnered up with some of the oldest and most well known distributors and suppliers of Top-tier Solar Products in the industry. What does that mean to You? It means, that you have access to the most reliable solar products with industry leading warranties at a low-price to you. Want to hear more? Send us an email and we’ll show you low.

Experience You Can Trust

WE KNOW SOLAR! Our experience stretches over a decade and with over hundreds of residential installations and MegaWatts of solar panels installed, you can trust Ocotillo Solar Electric to design and install a code-compliant Solar PV system according to all the newest Solar industry practices. In only a few short days, you can on the quick path to enjoying your Financial and Energy Independence for many years to come.